Eva Ringler - project leader

Her research interests span from animal mating systems, parental care, over population genetics and animal cognition.


eva.ringler@vetmeduni.ac.at, eva.ringler@univie.ac.at


Max Ringler - project co-leader

Max uses GIS analyses and bioacoustics to study ecology and ethology of Neotropical frogs.




Walter Hödl - project mentor

Walter is an officially retired Associate Professor at the Department of Integrative Zoology, University of Vienna, but still very entousiastic about supporting the femoralis research by participating in field work. For more than 20 years and in cooperation with numerous international co-workers he has established Allobates femoralis as a model organism for bioacoustics, biogeography, and ethological, ecological and evolutionary research.





Andrius Pasukonis - collaborator

Andrius has finished his PhD in Walter Hödls lab within the FWF-DK PhD-program “Cognition and Communication”. His research focuses on topics such as dear enemy recognition, spatial orientation, and homing behaviour.




Barbara Furdi - MSc student

Topic: Magnetic resonance imaging for identifying activity in distinct brain regions during tadpole transport

Phin Anibal - MSc student

Topic: Individual differences in territorial aggression

Mélissa Peignier - PhD student

Topic: The interplay between animal personality and sexual selection in the poison frog Allobates femoralis.

Camilo Rodriguez - PhD student

Topic: Life-history trade-offs in Allobates femoralis: behavioural flexibility and sexual hormones


Katharina Dellefont - master student

Topic: Inter- and intra-individual differences in circulating testosterone levels.


diploma thesis finished April 2020

Sarah Chaloupka - master student

Topic: Is there personality in Allobates femoralis individuals?


master thesis finished April 2020

Ria Sonnleitner - master student

Topic: Is there a trade-off between aggression and precision in A. femoralis males?


master thesis finished November 2019

Marie-Therese Fischer PhD - master student

Topic: Spatial behaviour in Allobates femoralis females


master thesis finished November 2019

Susanne Stückler - master student

Topic: Timing of courtship, mating and oviposition in Allobates femoralis


master thesis finished October 2018

Sandra Spring - master student

Topic: Clutch cannibalism by female Allobates femoralis.


master thesis finished September 2018

Kristina Beck

Topic:Tadpole transport trajectories in Allobates femoralis.


master thesis finished July 2016


Magdalena Erich

Topic: Bet-hedging behaviour in tadpole transport behaviour in Allobates femoralis males.


master thesis finished November 2013